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49.) Psychologically Stimulated Orgasm- Aside from the above mentioned direct and indirect stimulation of the clitoris, there is a third way an orgasm may be triggered. This is through mental (cortical) stimulation, where the imagination stimulates the brain, which in turn stimulates the genital corpuscles of the glans to set off an orgasm.

So as not to offend his ego, the woman will comply with the prescribed role and go through simulated ecstasy. In some of the other Danish women mentioned, women who were left frigid were turned off to sex, and pretended vaginal orgasm to hurry up the sex act. Others admitted that they had faked vaginal orgasm to catch a man.

The Main Principles Of How To Make A Girl Cum Fast! [3 Killer Sex Positions]

Later she was forced to continue the deception, since obviously she couldn’t tell him to stimulate her clitorally. Many more women were simply afraid to establish their right to equal enjoyment, seeing the sexual act as being primarily for the man’s benefit, and any pleasure that the woman got as an added extra.

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They wouldn’t accept self-blame, but they didn’t know how to solve the problem, not knowing the physiological facts about themselves. So they were left in a peculiar limbo. Again, perhaps one of the most infuriating and damaging results of this whole charade has been that women who were perfectly healthy sexually were taught that they were not.

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Looking for a cure to a problem that has none can lead a woman on an endless path of self-hatred and insecurity. For she is told by her analyst that not even in her one role allowed in a male society-the role of a woman-is she successful. She is put on the defensive, with phony data as evidence that she’d better try to be even more feminine, think more feminine, and reject her envy of men.

1. Sexual Penetration Is Preferred-The best physical stimulant for the penis is the woman’s vagina. It supplies the necessary friction and lubrication. From a strictly technical point of view this position offers the best physical conditions, even though the man may try other positions for variation. 2. The Invisible Woman-One of the elements of male chauvinism is the refusal or inability to see women as total, separate human beings.

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Sexually, a woman was not seen as an individual wanting to share equally in the sexual act, any more than she was seen as a person with independent desires when she did anything else in society. Thus, it was easy to make up what was convenient about women; for on top of that, society has been a function of male interests, and women were not organized to form even a vocal opposition to the male experts.

But by far the most brutalized of the two is the victim. An analogy is racism, where the white racist compensates for his feelings of unworthiness by creating an image of the black man (it is primarily a male struggle) as biologically inferior to him. Because of his position in a white male power structure, the white man can socially enforce this mythical division.

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Women, on the other hand, are approved of (i. e., called feminine) if they are weak, petite, shave their legs, have high soft voices. Since the clitoris is almost identical to the penis, one finds a great deal of evidence of men in various societies trying to either ignore the clitoris and emphasize the vagina (as did Freud), or, as in some places in the Mideast, actually performing clitoridectomy.

It should be noted also that a big clitoris is considered ugly and masculine. Some cultures engage in the practice of pouring a chemical on the clitoris to make it shrivel up into “proper” size. It seems clear to me that men in fact fear the clitoris as a threat to masculinity.

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Sexually Expendable Male-Men fear that they will become sexually expendable if the clitoris is substituted for the vagina as the center of pleasure for women. Actually this has a great deal of validity if one considers only the anatomy. The position of the penis inside the vagina, while perfect for reproduction, does not necessarily stimulate an orgasm in women because the clitoris is located externally and higher up.

Lesbian sexuality could make an excellent case, based upon anatomical data, for the irrelevancy of the male organ. Albert Ellis says something to the effect that a man without a penis can make a woman an excellent lover. Considering that the vagina is very desirable from a man’s point of view, purely on physical grounds, one begins to see the dilemma for men.

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What is left, it seems to me, are primarily psychological reasons why women select men at the exclusion of women as sexual partners. 5. Control o/ Women-One reason given to explain the Mid-eastern practice of clitoridectomy is that it will keep the women from straying. By removing the sexual organ capable of orgasm, it must be assumed that her sexual drive will diminish.

The double standard, as practiced for example in Latin America, is set up to keep the woman as total property of the husband, while he is free to have affairs as he wishes. 6. Lesbianism and Bisexuality-Aside from the. Strictly anatomical reasons why women might equally seek other women as lovers, there is a fear on men’s part that women will seek the company of other women on a full, human basis.

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For it would indicate that sexual pleasure was obtainable from either men or women, thus making heterosexuality not an absolute, but an option. It would thus open up the whole question of human sexual relationships beyond the confines of the present male-female role system. Books Mentioned in This Essay Sexual Behavior in the Human Female, Alfred C.

The future isn’t all flying cars, jetpacks, and express trips to Mars – it’s could also be the ability to give yourself an orgasm at the push of a button. Or at least that’s what Justin Lehmiller, a social psychologist and research fellow at Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute, believes. Lehmiller, who is also the host of the “Sex and Psychology” podcast, recently gave an interview with The Wall Street Journal in which he explained some fascinating developments in the future of sex and “sextech.”For example, he thinks that eventually there could be an “orgasm button” that’ll give you pleasure at the tip of your finger.”There are doctors working to implant electrodes near the spinal cord to give you an orgasm at the touch of a button,” Lehmiller told the WSJ.

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“Do you need someone’s consent to have sex with them virtually?” Lehmiller posed. “Another downside is we don’t know what the impact of engaging with a virtual fantasy is going to be. If someone engages in a virtual act that would be illegal in real life, will that escalate the fantasy and make them want to play it out in the real world?”There’s also the issue of privacy and security, he says.

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Their straight male partners, however, came out on top, with 95 percent reporting regular orgasm with a partner. This trend isn’t new. In 2009, the US National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior asked 1,857 people about the pleasure of their most recent sexual encounter, and reported an almost identical discrepancy between straight women and men.

The Main Principles Of How To Make A Girl Cum Fast! [3 Killer Sex Positions]

Even when accounting for same-gender male couples, of which the survey had a small number, this leaves a significant proportion of straight men deciding – or believing – that their partner has climaxed when she hasn’t. The same study found that women were five times more likely than men to report some degree of pain during sex.

Yet research from the Kinsey Institute has found that women reach orgasm from masturbation in about the same time as men, averaging just under 4 minutes. Women in relationships with other women also report a high rate of sexual satisfaction, with 86 percent of those asked in the 2017 survey reporting that they’d had an orgasm during every sexual encounter with a partner in the past month – similar to the responses from gay and bisexual men.

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And women who view straight porn are also seeing the same thing.” Beltran points out that male partners can also cause pain from a lack of preparation and lubrication. Many men and women, she says, don’t understand the physiological importance of at least 20 minutes of foreplay in order to make sex comfortable and enjoyable for women.

“What I found was that while young women may feel entitled to engage in sexual behavior, they don’t necessarily feel entitled to enjoy it,” she explains in her TED Talk. Young women reported a lack of respect and satisfaction in their sexual experiences. Even on dates, women said they felt pressured to provide pleasure.

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We’re both doing this for the same reason. We both want the same feeling at the end.” Many of the ideas that we develop about sexuality and our bodies begin with the sex education we receive in primary school. As Orenstein points out, “Kids go into their puberty education classes and they learn that boys have erections and ejaculations, and girls have periods and unwanted pregnancy.” This kind of thinking does not open the door to a healthy sex life – for anyone.

This is already happening in the Netherlands, where the sex-education curriculum begins as early as four years old, and the country has some of the lowest rates of teen pregnancy in the world. While there are other reasons behind this success – reproductive healthcare is more accessible and less stigmatized for young people than it is in the US – their approach to sex education is definitely a factor, according to Beltran.

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They begin with the skills and tools it takes to be prepared to talk about sex and pleasure with a partner, to advocate for your own pleasure, to accept a ‘no’ and get enthusiastic consent, and have meaningful intimacy. They also do outreach to the parents to help them have those talks with their children.” And it appears to work, says Orenstein.

The Dutch girls embodied everything we say we want from our girls. They had fewer negative consequences like disease, pregnancy, regret; more positive outcomes like being able to communicate with their partner, who they said they knew very well, preparing for the experience, and responsibly enjoying themselves. What was their secret? The Dutch girls said that their doctors, teachers and parents spoke candidly to them from an early age about sex, pleasure and the importance of mutual trust.

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Rather than denying that teens are accessing and learning from porn, Beltran contends that we need to provide young people with a comprehensive understanding of the artificial way in which porn is created. She says, “Porn is usually the first time someone sees a sexual act or a naked body, usually by the age of 14.

I would love the porn industry to tackle this head on by making sex-ed videos that expose the “back of the house” stuff, like discussions and agreements made by talent on what sex acts will take place, when, how much, etc. This is consent. Young people should have porn literacy so they can be better sexual consumers.” There’s a lot of work still to be done, says Beltran.

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Unfortunately, without comprehensive sex education in middle and high schools, I doubt we’ll get close to providing a safe enough environment for young people who are curious about sexual activity to practice it safely and therefore figure out what is pleasurable.” She believes we need to start with how we teach children to understand, regard and care for themselves.

Description:Orgasm, we know it all. But do we? We all want to have it, no matter who we are or how old we are. No matter how often we’ve experienced it before, we still crave more. We live in a world where harder and faster sex is considered better and sex toys and porn are the norms.

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