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Some Known Facts About Squirting: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know.

Squirting has an incredible feeling of release. Prolonged sexual arousal builds up fluid produced by the Skene’s gland and is pleasurable to let it all out. Scientists say the Skene gland is the female analog of the male prostate. As a reminder, the prostate is responsible for producing up to 70% of the fluid a man ejaculates.

The vulnerability of fully letting go can create a very intimate experience for the couple. For many, it represents not holding anything back and fully giving in to the moment of passion. This can be a special moment between you and your spouse and quite enjoyable. Squirting can get messy but as many women profess, it’s so worth it! Those who’ve squirted before might worry about the mess they’ll make or wonder if their spouse will think it’s gross or dirty.

Having something underneath you will protect your bedding and furniture from the fluids. Protecting your bedding or furniture from your sexy fluids can ease anxiety and allow you to relax and enjoy the wet experience entirely. Another way to contain fluid is to have your husband sexually stimulate you while you’re sitting on a chair over a floor that’s easy to mop up (such as tile or wood floor).

Sex is best when you feel rather than touch; make love with your heart and mind rather than just your genitals. There are a few techniques that are more likely to make you squirt but every woman is different. There isn’t a magic method or routine that will make you gush every time.

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It takes a while to build up the tension that will be released as a squirt; it can’t be rushed. Take the time to flirt and think sexy thoughts about your spouse throughout the day. Enjoy lots of foreplay. Do what you like to do to set the mood, such as turning down the lights and or using candles and music.

Subsequent gushes usually come more easily after your first one. The task at hand is to find a stimulation technique that gives you that odd feeling of tension building or the feeling of needing to relieve your bladder. When you find what works, use it during the three stages of squirting we talk about below.

Give them a try and see what works for the two of you. Sex positions that allow firm and constant g-spot stimulation are likely to make her gush. The easiest way to stimulate the Skenes gland is by putting pressure on the top vaginal wall (the side with your belly button) a few inches in.

Husbands can use shallow, fast strokes, and keep lots of pressure on her vagina’s upper wall. Here are a few sex positions that may work. – the wife lies down on her back on a sofa or armchair with her bottom up on the armrest. Her husband, standing by the side of the armrest, enters her.

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– the wife gets on all fours and the husband enters from behind. Sex Tip: You may need to pull out or stop and remain still as she squirts. Note that building up the arousal and stimulation for squirting may take a bit of time. If she can gush during intercourse, great! But many men can’t last long enough for it to happen.

The BANG BANG Manual Stimulation Technique uses two fingers and a firm, steady, fast tapping motion to stimulate the g-spot. Sex Tip: It may help if the g-spot stimulation in any of these techniques is paired with intense clitoral stimulation from fingers or a vibrator. The Come-Hither Clasp Manual Stimulation Technique uses two fingers and a come-hither motion to stimulate the g-spot.

Some sex toys are designed to better stimulate the g-spot. A curved dildo or g-spot vibrator can be used to stimulate her g-spot by inserting it two or three inches into her vagina and pressing it firmly against the top wall of her vagina while moving it in and out in short, quick motions.

Communication is essential here. These manual stimulation techniques can be used by themselves or together. For example, you can use only the BANG BANG stimulation technique or you can start with the Reverse Come-Hither technique, transition to the Come-Hither Clasp technique, and end with the BANG BANG technique. Try different things to figure out what works for you and your spouse.

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Think about the three stages as a rollercoaster ride. Warmup is the anticipation of the fun ahead, think the drive to the park and walk to the roller coaster. Buildup is when you’re being seated on the ride and the slow journey up the long, tall hill. Release is when you roll over the top of the first hill and dive down.

Once you’ve found a technique that generates stimulation and has you feeling that unique tension buildup or the need to pee, work with that. Start by spending time doing what you normally find sexually arousing in foreplay. Transition to spending time touching and stimulating the g-spot area in her vagina, by slowly building up the intensity.

Sometimes it takes several minutes of consistent stimulation to build up tension, so patience and a comfortable position are essential. Keep it steady and repeat the motion over and over again. Once the tension or pressure inside feels like you’re going to burst, use one or more of these techniques to trigger squirting.

After the tension has been built up to what feels like your limit, an increase in speed and pressure from the manual stimulation technique might be what it takes to bring you over the edge. Staying super consistent with the amount of pressure, speed, and type of motion is enough for some women to ejaculate once they’ve built up enough tension.

Things about The Female Orgasm: What Women (And Men) Should Know

When she’s full of tension and ready to open the dam, pulling out whatever is in her vagina tends to open the floodgates and cause her to release and squirt. The amount of fluid will vary. Some women squirt a few drops, and others will gush a half a cup.

How you react when she squirts will most likely determine how she feels about it. If the sight of her ejaculation turns you on, she’ll most likely be turned on, too. If you make a face or get grossed out by her squirting, she’ll probably be less enthusiastic about this natural response to her sexual arousal.

This can get in the way of building intimacy. Be sure to check your motives – care more about her pleasure than achieving a goal. Squirting can be natural, intimate, and incredible but if she feels pressured it most likely won’t happen. The process of relaxing her, building up tension, and release usually means a long continuous stimulation session.

Make it clear to her that she’s not taking too long, there is no time limit, and you’re enjoying every bit of it regardless if she squirts or not. I love this app! My husband and I are such busy people, this helps us stop and make sure we show the love that we have for each other.

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I recently entered a new relationship and my new partner finally helped me cum for the very first time! Recently though we discovered that I sometimes squirt and now I’ve been absolutely terrified of cumming since I’m anxious about making a mess. My partner says he doesn’t mind, but I’m still so anxious! Any advice for relaxing so that I can re-enjoy finishing? Partnered in a new relationship … feeling good in your bodies and hearts … soaking that mattress on the regular … I don’t see the problem here! But lucky for you (and everyone else) – in the world of sexual pleasure, one person’s sex trash can totally be another person’s sex treasure and THAT’S OKAY! In my work as a sex educator, people of all kinds want me to teach them exactly what you’re avoiding – vaginal ejaculation, or, as the charming mainstream XXX world likes to call it, “squirting.” Typically involving the G-Spot (the spongy area of tissue near the front of of the vaginal canal, famously located via pressure and the fingers’ “come hither” motion), vaginal ejaculation has been simultaneously positioned as the holiest of orgasmic grails AND demonized as “just pee” by pornos and Maxim articles alike.

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You don’t have to want it. You don’t have to even want to like it. Your sexual pleasure is for you to determine so, if you want to avoid vaginal ejaculation because it’s simply too messy for you, that’s totally fine. Here’s how: G-Spots are more likely to be stimulated by certain positions and sex acts in most people’s bodies.

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Many people also experience that a period of deeper penetration followed by more shallower, G-Spot focused attention will contribute positively to their G-Spot orgasm, with or without the liquid finale. So my advice to you, Anxiously, is don’t do these things. Do the opposite of these things. Whatever the Climax King has been doing to get you there, squirting all over the place? Stop that.

Switch positions if you feel the gush coming on. Use your words and collaborate about what is most effective in getting you off without getting you soaked. You are the master of your own sexual pleasure destiny! And also, I cannot leave this article without at least saying just once that SEX IS MESSY.

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Yana Tallon-Hicks is a relationship therapist, sex educator, and writer living in the Pioneer Valley. You can find her work and her professional contact information on her website, .

According to a Psychology, Today blog by Lisa Thomas approximately 25% of women have difficulty achieving orgasm or have never experienced one, and even for women who are orgasmic, the frequency is only around 50-70% of the time. Other researchers found that most women do not routinely (and some never) experience orgasm during sexual intercourse.

Women’s shameful feelings about this area are extended to anything below the waist, (including menstruation) and they end up feeling dirty or contaminated in a manner that can interfere with their becoming aroused or achieving orgasm. When women have negative thoughts about different parts of their bodies they find it difficult to take pleasure in being touched in those specific areas.

When women take on these attitudes, they tend to see sex as forbidden, shameful and bad. They feel guilty about wanting, seeking or experiencing pleasure in lovemaking, and expect negative consequences or actual punishment. As explained in Sex and Love in Intimate Relationships, “Girls learn by observation and imitation to be like the mother and feel strange or uncomfortable when they are different from their role model.” Therefore, when a mother is held back sexually, it is very difficult for her daughter to go beyond her in terms of enjoying sexual fulfillment in her adult relationship.

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Because of these feelings, women are often afraid of standing out from their peers as mature, sexual women. For many women, feelings of sadness related to emotional pain in childhood surface during a sexual experience, especially when sexuality is combined with emotional intimacy. For women who were mistreated or rejected early in life and feel unlovable, the contrast of being loved, pleasured, and sexually fulfilled brings out deep and painful emotional responses.

Being open and receptive to another person threatens an inward, isolated, self-soothing way of protecting one’s self from emotional hurt. Combining sex and love leads to a sense of vulnerability and is anxiety provoking because many women and men are afraid of being completely committed to a significant other, especially if they have been previously hurt emotionally.

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